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Academy Director:

Jason Kester
Logan & Kester.JPG
Chef Logan & Chef Kester


Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name====
Jason Kester====
Course(s) TaughtCulinary Arts 1
Culinary Arts 2
Culinary Arts 3
Culinary Arts 4
Period Taught5,6,7
Troy Logan
Nutrition & Wellness
Principles of Food Preparation
Culinary Arts 1
Darla Tedesco
US History AP US History
US History (honors)
4,5,6 1
Robert Milholland
World History
AP World History
Lisa Alexander
Human Geography
Mr. Holman
American Government
Mr. Pinyan

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Restaurant Project Meeting.JPG
The Restaurant Design Project brings together Mainland's academies of hospitality, multimedia design and manufacturing technology.

Curriculum In Action:
Debra Dumas visited on October 25. Students were creating "standardized recipe" for buttermilk pancakes using Microsoft Word and good communication skills.
Culinary Academies 052.JPG
Writing Recipes...
Culinary Academies 045.JPG
...for Buttermilk Pancakes
Pancake Lab.JPG
The Finished Product!

Curriculum In Action:
Cuban Lab.JPG
Cuban Sandwich Lab
Pancake Expo.JPG
Food Expo during "Pop-up" Restaurant
Service Role Play.JPG
Serving Tables during Pop-up restaurant

Alyssa making crepes.JPG
Student Chef cooking during "Mystery Basket"
Chicken Mystery Basket.JPG
Food from one of our "Mystery Basket" contests
Cooking (Thomas & Nici).JPG
Small cooking groups working as a team
Waiter's Relay Champs 2014.JPG
Waiter's Relay Champions

Standard 2: Career Focus
Event Catering: Grades 9-12
Guest Speakers: Grades 9-12
Culinary Workshops: Grades 9-12
SafeStaff Certification: Grade 10 & 11
ServSafe Certification: Grade 12
ProStart Certification: Grade 11 & 12
Industry Guests & Workshops:
Le Cordon Bleu Workshop (10-17-13)
Le Cordon Bleu Group.JPGLe Cordon Bleu Working.JPG
Daytona State Culinary Skills Workshop (10-25-13)
Johnson & Wales Knife Skills Presentation at Mainland with Chef Adrian Barber (11-7-13)
Chef Barber.JPGChef Barber again.JPG
The Art Institute of Jacksonville Presentation by Chef Leach (11-13-13 & 11-14-13)
Le Cordon Bleu's Chef Linton presents to students (12-6-13)
Chef Linton Visit.JPG
Chef Linton visits from Le Cordon Bleu

Culinary Workshop sponsored by Johnson & Wales and the NRA at Eastside High School (1-31-14)
Eastside with JWU.JPG
Daytona State Knife Skills Workshop (4-4-14)
Standard 3: Program of Study

Mainland Program of StudiesMHS Webpage with Program of Studies Information
Participating Students have an opportunity to earn the following Professional Certifications:
  • SafeStaff Foodhandler Certification
  • ServSafe Food Manager Certification
  • ProStart Certification (sponsored by the National Restaurant Association)
Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment
Information pulled by the district

Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Information pulled by the district
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Chef Kester attended the Summer 2013 Career Academy Integrated Curriculum Writing Workshop along with other academy teachers.

Standard 8: Staff Development

Chef Kester & Chef Logan attended the ProStart Instriuctor Camp at Johnson & Wales in North Miami in the summer of 2013 (6-24-13 through 6-28-13)
Chef Kester attended the Summer 2013 Career Academy Integrated Curriculum Writing Workshop
Jason Kester helped lead the Middle School Culinary Instructor Workshop (3-14-14)

District Mandatory Staff Development meetings (Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm )
Standard 9: Articulation
Chef Kester sits BCU's Hospitality Management Advisory Board

Food Demonstration at Silver Sands MS 10-31-13
Demo at Silver Sands.JPG
Food Demonstration at Hinson MS 11-4-13
Hinson Demo.JPG
Attended the Volusia County High School Showcase, December 12, 2014 (Showcase Flyer)
Shadowing is provided for interested 8th graders to experience a day in the life of an AHCA student (January 10-31, 2014)

Mainland's 8th grade "Extravaganza" (1-9-14)
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
Catering, Competitions & Workshops:
  • MHS Open House 9-10-13
  • Sysco Sales Representative Meetings 10-1-13 & 10-2-13
  • Homecoming Carnival 10-4-13
    • Homecoming Carnival.JPG
      Students prepare Buffalo Chicken Wraps for Homecoming Carnival
  • Homecoming Football Game (Pressbox) 10-4-13
    • Homecoming Game 2013.JPG
      Setting up the pressbox for our homecoming court
  • New Teacher Luncheon 10-9-13
  • New Academy Member Orientation 10-16-13
  • Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Skills Workshop 10-17-13
  • Daytona State Culinary Skills Workshop 10-25-13
  • Food Demonstration at Silver Sands MS 10-31-13
  • Food Demonstration at Hinson MS 11-4-13
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon 11-21-13
  • Winter Tea Luncheon 12-19-13
  • "Empty Bowls" Charity Soup Kitchen (12-6-13)
  • Mainland's Middle School "Extravaganza" 1-9-14
  • Culinary Workshop sponsored by Johnson & Wales and the NRA at Eastside High School 1-31-14
  • DSC ProStart Invitational Competition 2-7-1
  • Emily's Decorative.JPG
  • DSC Plating.JPG
  • VIPS Recognition Breakfast 2-14-14
  • VIPS Service 2013-14.JPG
  • 2014 Florida High School ProStart Competition 3-5-14 & 3-6-14
  • iPad Pics 039.JPG
  • Phi Delta Kappa Dinner 3-12-14
  • Daytona State College Knife Skills Workshop 4-4-14
  • MHS Cross Country Banquet 4-4-14
  • MHS Tennis Baquet 4-16-14
  • Administrative Assistant's Day Breakfast 4-23-14
  • Volusia Regional Library Volunteer Luncheon 5-1-14
  • Academy of Science & Medicine Annual Banquet 5-9-14
  • Literacy Fair Concessions 5-17-14
Standard 11: Capstone Project
Grade Capstone Project
9th Nutritional Analysis/Food Chain Project
10th Drafting Standardized Recipe Project
11th Pop-Up Restaurant
12th Restaurant Design Project

Our Capstone Project is a Restaurant design project. Seniors create their own foodservice concept. They collaborate with students from our Academy of Communication and Multimedia Design to create a professional logo for the business. In addition, students collaborate with members of our Academy of Design and Manufaturing Technology to layout the physical plant.

Standard 12: Marketing
New Logo Design (at top and below)and new chef coats featuring the new logos:

AHCA WIKI (extravaganza card).png
MHS Academy of Hospitality & Culinary Arts Facebook Page
Webpage on Mainland High School's Website: http://www.mainlandhighschool.org/acad/ahca/index.html

Catering for the community & press:
News Journal 2-8-14 001.jpg
Article appearing on the front page of the "Local" section of the News Journal (2-8-14)

Decorative Centerpiece.JPG
  • Phi Delta Kappa Dinner 3-12-14
  • Volusia Regional Library Volunteer Luncheon 5-1-14
  • Literacy Fair Concessions 5-17-14
Final Evaluation: