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Academy Director: Jason Kester

Chef Kester & Chef Logan

Academy Ambassador: Valerie Severino


Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name
Course(s) Taught
Period Taught
Jason Kester
CA1, CA2, CA3, CA4, CUL & HOSP Specialties
Troy Logan
Principles of Food Prep, CA1
1-3, 5-7
Kane Guthrie
Nutrition & Wellness
Susan Holbrook
ENG HON 3 (Junior Link)
Brian Moriarty
ENG HON 2 (Sophomore Link)
Cindy Green
ENG HON 1 (Freshman Link)
Gerald Fuller
Economics (Senior Link)
All Periods

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:
Front of the House (Customer Service)
Curriculum In Action:
Back of the House (Kitchen Operations)
Standard 2: Career Focus
Event Catering: Grades 9-12
Guest Speakers: Grades 9-12
Culinary Workshops: Grades 9-12
SafeStaff Certification: Grade 10 & 11
ServSafe Certification: Grade 12
ProStart Certification: Grade 11 & 12
Industry Field Trips: Grades 9-12
Industry Guests & Workshops: 9-12

Chick Fil A Invite.png
Mainland AHCA Chick-Fil-A Meeting
Diversity Workshop.JPG
Workplace Diversity Workshop at the Disney Resort

DSC Workshop.JPG
Student Workshop at DSC (chocolate work)
EastSide Workshop.JPG
Student Workshop with Johnson & Wales Chef Instructors (Molecular Gastronomy Pictured)

Hilton Oceanside Site Visit & Tour

Standard 3: Program of Study
Participating Students have an opportunity to earn the following Professional Certifications:
  • SafeStaff Foodhandler Certification
  • ServSafe Food Manager Certification
  • ProStart Certification (sponsored by the National Restaurant Association)
Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Information pulled by the district
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development
9/5/14 - EOC Workshop at Mainland HS
9/8/14 - Meeting at Deltona HS for ServSafe Certifcation & Sous Chef Instructional System
10/2/15 - EOC Workshop & Meeting with Cress Restaurant Chef & Owner
10/24/14 - DSC Sharpen Your Skills Workshop
2/6/15 - DSC ProStart Culinary Competitions
2/27/15 - Florida's State Culinary Competitions
3/17/15 - Academy Director's Meeting
4/10/15 - DSC Sharpen Your Skills Workshop
Standard 9: Articulation
Our academy uses "ProStart" curriculum. ProStart is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association. As a result, students who complete the ProStart program requirements are eligible for a great number of college articulations (see file below).

Chef Kester is a member of Bethune Cookman's School of Hospitality Management Advisory Board
Attended the Volusia County High School Showcase, December 11, 2014
o experience a day in the life of an AHCA student (January 12-31, 2015)
Mainland's 8th grade "Extravaganza" (1-13-15)
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
9/4/14 - MHS Open House (Catering)
9/19/14 - Homecoming Carnival Booth
9/19/14 - Homecoming Football Game (Catering for Homecoming Court)
9/20/14 - Homecoming Dance (Catered Snacks & Refreshments)
10/10/14 - Daytona Beach Blues Fest at Jackie Robinson Stadium (Catering & Service)
external image Daytona-Beach-1-300x300.jpg
10/23/14 - Hilton Oceanside, Site Tour and Luncheon
10/29/14 - Light Up Volusia, Gingerbread Contest
11/10/14 - Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival Field Trip
Epcot 2.JPG
11/18/14 - Parent Night at MHS (Catering)
11/21/14 - MHS Thanksgiving Luncheon for Staff & Faculty (Catering & Service)
11/25/14 - Turkey Bowl (Service)
12/5/14 - Empty Bowls, Charity Soup Kitchen Event (Service)

12/8/14 - FCCLA Leadership Luncheon (Catering & Service)
1/13/15 - MHS 8th grade "Extravaganza" (Catering)
2/6/15 - DSC's Volusia County ProStart Invitational Competition
Hannah R.JPGGournet Station.JPG
Gourmet.JPGWaiter's Relay.JPG
DSC Trophy.JPGDecorative.JPG
Finished Plates.JPGDSC Overhead.JPG
2/27/15 - Florida's State ProStart Culinary Competitions
2/27/15 - Black History Luncheon (Service)
3/6/15 - Social Studies Fair (Catering)
3/12/15 - Phi Delta Kappa Educational Fraternity Dinner (Catering & Service)
3/13/15 - NY Superintendent's Visit & Luncheon (Catering & Service)
4/2/15 - Cross Country Team Banquet (Catering & Service)
4/10/15 - Para-professional's Luncheon
4/22/15 - Clerical Staff's Luncheon
4/27/15 - FUTURE's 1st Year Teacher Awards Ceremony (Catering & Service)
4/30/15 - Academy of Science & Medicine Banquet (Catering & Service)
5/19/15 - FSU Central Florida Freshman Mixer (Catering & Service)
6/9/15 - Campbell Middle School Open House (Catering & Service)
6/10/15 - Inspirations Learning Center Summer Camp Cooking Workshop (Instructing)
Jasmine Pounsel instructs one of the camp attendees on the art of flipping a pancake.
Jasmine Pounsel instructs one of the camp attendees on the art of flipping a pancake.
Sofia Slimak teaches students about precise measurement.
Sofia Slimak teaches students about precise measurement.

Standard 11: Capstone Project

Standard 12: Marketing

Mainland Academies Video
Mainland Academies Homepage
The Volusia County "High School Showcase" at the Fairgrounds - December 11, 2014
Mainland's 8th Grade "Extravaganza" - January 13, 2015
Final Evaluation:
104 Points - A VCS Gold Academy!